April 2019

Test Anxiety

The upcoming STAAR tests may have your child experiencing test anxiety.   The tips below can help your child feel more confident about testing:

Before the test

Your child may experience the following physical, emotional, and/or cognitive signs of anxiety:


Butterflies in their stomach, headache, nausea, light-headed, increased heart rate, sweating, or dry mouth


Negative thinking, crying, or fearing failure


Forgetful, trouble concentrating, or frequent negative thoughts about the test


Teaching relaxation techniques can help reduce stress, in addition to changing negative thoughts about the test to positive thoughts. If your child talks about doing badly, you can change their statements into how they can prepare for the test. Deep breathing, visualizing success, and writing their anxiety are additional ways to help your child relax.

Your child also needs to get plenty of sleep the night before because studies have proven that students are more likely to perform better if they get enough sleep before the test.

On the day of the test

Make sure your child eats a good breakfast that is rich in protein, good carbohydrates, and has a limited amount of sugar. This will help maintain focus and will keep him or her more alert. Also, remind your child about the relaxation techniques that can be practiced before and during the test.

After the test

Ask your child how he or she felt during the test. If there was a strategy that worked, emphasize that it can be practiced on future tests. Also, reassure your child that you are proud of their hard work. One of their worries may be not wanting to let you down, so focusing on effort instead of a test score can help.

Source: http://micheleborba.com/reducing-test-anxiety/

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